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Rethinking Poverty is a hub for discussions on eradicating poverty and creating a good society

Here you will find blogs produced and commissioned by us, highlights from other poverty writers and practitioners, information and updates on key initiatives, and listings and write-ups of events on UK poverty. Our aim is to create and sustain the narrative on a good society, to help connect promising approaches, and, most importantly, to convene key people and initiatives.

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Talking Points

Highlights from all dicsussions on poverty and a good society

Talking Points looks back on 2018

9 January, 2019

Deepening poverty and inequality Gordon Brown provides what seems like a fitting epitaph for the year. ‘I’m seeing poverty I didn’t think I would ever see again in my lifetime,’ he says in an interview with the Guardian published...

Talking Points: November 2018

5 December, 2018

The UN report on poverty in the UK … The big event in the area of poverty this month has to be Philip Alston’s damning report on poverty in the UK. Poverty is inflicting ‘great misery’ on UK citizens,...

Talking Points: October 2018

7 November, 2018

March Talking Points featured a heading: ‘A big shift in the economy needed – but where are the ideas?’ In June we asked: ‘Why are there no ideas “lying around”?’ With this year’s party conferences behind us, it seems...

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45 Degree Change

Where top down meets bottom up

45 Degree Change: where bottom up meets top down

21 November, 2018

by Neal Lawson and Caroline Hartnell We want to change the world.  Of course that means ending poverty and stopping climate change. The problem is, though, we really don’t know how to do it.  Two models – the bureaucratic...

The state we want

23 January, 2019

by Caroline Hartnell and Barry Knight Here, we follow up the article by Neal Lawson and Caroline Hartnell on ‘45 Degree Change’ and examine initiatives identified by Aditya Chakrabortty in a series of articles called ‘The Alternatives’, which ran...


Here we feature efforts to 'go local' and create #theplacewewant.

About Tyne & Wear Citizens

Tyne & Wear Citizens is a chapter of Citizens UK, a broad-based community organising organisation that seeks to build the power of civil society to act for social justice and the common good.

About #thehullwewant

#thehullwewant aims to engage people to think about what is possible, what contributions they can make by ‘working with’ rather than ‘doing to’, finding and celebrating what is strong – not wrong by taking an asset-based approach to community development.

Latest News

First phase of Kirklees wealth building complete

Last week, we launched our series on ’45 Degree Change’ – the meeting point between the vertical state and horizontal emerging local initiatives. The work of local wealth building done by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) sits...


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