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Tyne and Wear Citizens shows the way

12 Dec 2018

by Barry Knight In all my years of working with voluntary organisations and community groups, I have never been to an AGM like it. The room is packed, the...

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How ‘good help’ can help to transform lives

07 Aug 2018

by Caroline Hartnell What is ‘good help’? According to a new report published by OSCA and NESTA, Good and bad help: How purpose and confidence transform lives, ‘good help’...

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Are we dancing on the edge?

21 May 2018

Beatrice Webb’s observation that poverty has little to do with individual sloth and everything to do with economic mismanagement and social structure led to systematic government action to regulate...

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How can we bring child poverty to an end? Caroline Hartnell attended the launch of CPAG’s new book

03 May 2018

Why do we value children so little? This question was posed by Ingrid Wolfe, consultant in children’s public health medicine and director of the Evelina London Child Health Partnership,...

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Can Rachel Reeves’ ‘everyday economy’ replace the neoliberal consensus?

29 Mar 2018

‘Since 1945 Britain has experienced two models of political economy,’ said Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West, launching her new pamphlet, The Everyday Economy, at The Trampery in London... Read More

Talking about poverty – is being careful about language enough, asks Caroline Hartnell

01 Mar 2018

‘The problem with the word poverty is that it embodies so many negatives,’ said journalist Stephen Armstrong, author of The New Poverty, speaking at Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s (JRF) ‘Talking... Read More

Event Report: Rethinking Poverty – Greater Manchester Can Lead the Way

19 Dec 2017

Reflections from Tom Skinner, Director of Greater Manchester Poverty Action We had a fantastic time at our Rethinking Poverty event last week, and I want to thank everyone who... Read More

Poverty in the Netherlands – Bodille Arensman on the challenges for philanthropists

18 Oct 2017

On 20 September 2017 the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (ECSP) organised a learning event on poverty for philanthropists in the Netherlands with the aim of discussing the challenges... Read More

WATCH: Commentary on the launch of Rethinking Poverty

26 Sep 2017

We invited some attendees at the launch of Rethinking Poverty to share their thoughts on the messages that feature in the book.   Read more... Read More

Starting a conversation – Andrew Milner on the launch of Rethinking Poverty

21 Sep 2017

The Webb Memorial Trust launched the book Rethinking Poverty: What makes a good society? in the Shaw Library at the London School of Economics (LSE) on 13 September 2017.... Read More

Event Report: What is the future of social housing?

21 Oct 2016

Most commentators now agree that the shortage of housing in the UK is reaching crisis proportions, with rental costs rising sharply and those on low incomes particularly seriously affected.... Read More

Workshop Report: The Language of Poverty

15 Mar 2016

The word ‘poverty’ features heavily in the lexicon of British politics. The Prime Minister has proposed an “all-out assault on poverty,” Labour MPs and peers recently campaigned hard to... Read More

Deborah Mattinson, Britain Thinks – Engaging with the public: What do the public think of us and how can we speak in ways that understand each other?

15 Mar 2016

Deborah mattinson, Britain Thinks – How to have an effective conversation with the public Deborah Mattinson, Founding Director of Britain Thinks, picked up the theme of public engagement. The... Read More

Kate Bell – Where next for anti-poverty campaigners?

15 Mar 2016

Kate bell – Where next for anti-poverty campaigners?  Next up Kate Bell drew on her experience as a former policy advisor to the Labour Party and coordinator with CPAG... Read More

Emily Fu, TNS BMRB – The drivers: What drives public attitude towards welfare?

15 Mar 2016

Emily Fu, TNS BMRB – What drives public attitudes to welfare? Emily Fu, Associate Director at social research agency TNS BMRB, examined the emotional drivers of public attitudes towards... Read More

Barry Knight, Webb Memorial Trust – The debate: What are current sentiments towards poverty in the UK?

15 Mar 2016

Drawing on research conducted by YouGov, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, Barry Knight, reflected on current sentiments towards poverty in the UK. He defined this as an area... Read More

Conference Report: A Future Without Poverty

24 Mar 2015

Detailed summary of 'A Future Without Poverty' cross-party conference organised by The Fabian Society and Bright Blue on 2nd March 2015 at the Hallam Conference Centre.

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A Future Without Poverty – Panel Discussion Summary

24 Mar 2015

Panel Discussion: A future without poverty Chair: Oliver Wright, Whitehall correspondent, the Independent Charlie Elphicke MP, PPS to secretary of state for work and pensions Helen Goodman MP, shadow minister for... Read More

Event report: Young Voices

23 Mar 2015

  An arresting start to the proceedings was provided by the Seasons Playhouse in Liverpool, ‘Young Voices’. Part of the Poverty Ends Now (PEN) initiative, the actors spoke brief... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – Question Time: Who has the best plan to tackle poverty?

23 Mar 2015

Question Time: Who has the best plan to tackle poverty? Chair: Ian Birrell, contributing editor, Mail on Sunday Jeremy Browne MP, former Home Office minister Philip Collins, chief leader... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – The Future of Welfare Reform and Universal Credit

23 Mar 2015

Sam Bowman, deputy director, Adam Smith Institute Alison Garnham, chief executive, Chid Poverty Action Group Andrew Harrop, general secretary, Fabian Society Chair: David Kirkby, researcher, Bright Blue   Alison... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – Breaking Barriers: How do we tackle social exclusion?

23 Mar 2015

Seema Malhotra MP, shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls Hannah Pearce, head of public affairs, Age UK Cllr Harry Phibbs, Hammersmith and Fulham council Chair: Daisy-Rose... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – Dragon’s Den: Innovating on the ground: local solutions to 21st century poverty

23 Mar 2015

Dragons: Tessa Awe, chief executive, CVS Brent Chris Goulden, head of policy, Joseph Rowntree Foundation Cllr Gary Porter, leader, LGA Conservatives Innovators: Richard Jones, chief executive, Joshua Project Alex... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – closing remarks

23 Mar 2015

A Future Without Poverty Conference – closing remarks Andrew Harrop, general secretary, Fabian Society Ryan Shorthouse, director, Bright Blue Andrew Harrop celebrated what he saw as the left and... Read More

Event report: Putting poverty at the heart of the 2015 General Election

10 Mar 2015

Many thanks to the Fabian Society and Bright Blue for organising today’s event and to the Fabians for your important Inequality 2030 report.  Thanks are also due to the Webb Memorial... Read More

Event report: APPG on Poverty – Measuring Child Poverty

27 Mar 2014

This submission from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty is based on a specially commissioned debate, held on 24 January 2013, between Professor Jonathan Bradshaw (York University), Christian Guy... Read More

Blog: The January Declaration – a better deal for the North East two years on

18 Mar 2014

Peter Hetherington examines outcomes from a recent anti-poverty conference in Newcastle co-organised by the Webb Memorial Trust.


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