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The state we want

23 Jan 2019

by Caroline Hartnell and Barry Knight Here, we follow up the article by Neal Lawson and Caroline Hartnell on ‘45 Degree Change’ and examine initiatives identified by Aditya Chakrabortty...

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NewStart Feature – how a derelict swimming pool became one of Birmingham’s most treasured community hubs

16 Jan 2019

Another great example of how an area can be transformed when the city council works closely with local residents at every stage of a regeneration project, led by ‘what...

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Talking Points looks back on 2018

09 Jan 2019

Deepening poverty and inequality Gordon Brown provides what seems like a fitting epitaph for the year. ‘I’m seeing poverty I didn’t think I would ever see again in my...

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Powering a good society

03 Jan 2019

Last year was a bad year for anti-poverty campaigners. Poverty rose significantly and yet the government summarily dismissed reports from the UN and JRF. If we are to produce...

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Thoughts on a good society

19 Dec 2018

by Katy Goldstraw Current discussion of a good society takes place in a period of profound global change, and there is no agreement about what a good society would... Read More

Tyne and Wear Citizens shows the way

12 Dec 2018

by Barry Knight In all my years of working with voluntary organisations and community groups, I have never been to an AGM like it. The room is packed, the... Read More

Talking Points: November 2018

05 Dec 2018

The UN report on poverty in the UK … The big event in the area of poverty this month has to be Philip Alston’s damning report on poverty in... Read More

A Northern Soul – a story of a striver with a happy ending

28 Nov 2018

by Barry Knight and Caroline Hartnell Moved, humbled, inspired, sad, angry – these are some of our feelings after watching A Northern Soul, a film by Hull-born documentary-maker Sean McAllister,... Read More

45 Degree Change: where bottom up meets top down

21 Nov 2018

by Neal Lawson and Caroline Hartnell We want to change the world.  Of course that means ending poverty and stopping climate change. The problem is, though, we really don’t... Read More

Real Estate Radio show meets #thehullwewant

15 Nov 2018

by Gill Hughes and Sarah Hatfield We are Gill Hughes of the University of Hull’s Youth Work and Community Development team and Sarah Hatfield from Timebank. Together, we convene... Read More

Talking Points: October 2018

07 Nov 2018

March Talking Points featured a heading: ‘A big shift in the economy needed – but where are the ideas?’ In June we asked: ‘Why are there no ideas “lying... Read More

Principles for a Good Society

24 Oct 2018

Rethinking Poverty advocates a move away from ‘top-down approaches drawing on the views of professional experts’ and actually hearing from the communities we seek to help. Here, Ghiyas Somra... Read More

Shocking similarity between UK poverty in 2018 and around 1900

17 Oct 2018

by Pat Thane Surveying British history since 1900 for my new book Divided Kingdom. A History of Britain, 1900 to the Present, my most shocking discovery was that the... Read More

#ShiftThePower: how are we doing two years on?

10 Oct 2018

Regular readers of the Rethinking Poverty blog and our Twitter followers may have noticed frequent mentions of #ShiftThePower and #TheHullWeWant – and may well have wondered what these have... Read More

Talking Points: September 2018

03 Oct 2018

Ten years on from the crash and nothing learned Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008, there has been a bevy of articles... Read More

Creating a new narrative for a good society – lessons from Letchworth

26 Sep 2018

  What would a good society look like and how can we achieve it? As described in yesterday’s blog, a small group of people got together in Letchworth Garden... Read More

What could planning contribute to achieving a good society – lessons from Letchworth

25 Sep 2018

‘Town and country must be married. And out of this joyous union will spring new hope, a new life, a new civilisation.’ Ebenezer Howard, Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to... Read More

Government and charities don’t do enough to give people power

14 Sep 2018

Scrapping top-down attempts at building a good society and shifting the power to those people who we seek to help are some of the main ideas put forward by Barry... Read More

Talking Points: August 2018

04 Sep 2018

The government’s new Civil Society Strategy … August has seen the launch of the government’s new Civil Society Strategy. Civil Society Media quotes Jeremy Wright, the culture secretary: ‘Our... Read More

The Development Set and its role in perpetuating poverty

29 Aug 2018

by Gerry Salole ‘Although we move with the better classes, our thoughts are always with the masses.’ (Ross Coggins, 1976) In 1976, an exasperated development worker, Ross Coggins, attending... Read More

Talking Points: July 2018

14 Aug 2018

Child poverty is worsening Child poverty is soaring, says NPC chief executive Dan Corry in a recent Guardian article. Resolution Foundation analysis suggests that child poverty has risen from 1.6... Read More

How ‘good help’ can help to transform lives

07 Aug 2018

by Caroline Hartnell What is ‘good help’? According to a new report published by OSCA and NESTA, Good and bad help: How purpose and confidence transform lives, ‘good help’... Read More

If knowing the facts reduced poverty, it would be all over by now

24 Jul 2018

Barry Knight reviews Poverty: The facts (6th edition) by Alan Marsh, with Karen Barker, Carla Ayrton, Morag Treanor and Moussa Haddad (Child Poverty Action Group, 2017) and The New... Read More

Talking Points: June 2018

17 Jul 2018

Plight of poor people worsening … June has produced plenty of bad news on this front. Analysis by the Centre for Social Justice, a right-wing think-tank, shows that the wages... Read More

Rethinking poverty, rethinking data

12 Jun 2018

by Michael Weatherburn The publication of Barry Knight’s Rethinking Poverty: What makes a good society? (2017) no doubt raised eyebrows when its author suggested that one of the most... Read More

Talking Points: May 2018

06 Jun 2018

How can funders help develop the kind of civil society we need? How can funders support development of a civil society that will provide ‘a creative response to everything... Read More

Universal basic services – is this the answer to poverty?

29 May 2018

by Caroline Hartnell ‘Focusing on basic services, such as housing, food, communications and transport, is, we conclude, far more effective at driving down the cost of living than spending... Read More

Are we dancing on the edge?

21 May 2018

Beatrice Webb’s observation that poverty has little to do with individual sloth and everything to do with economic mismanagement and social structure led to systematic government action to regulate... Read More

‘How do we solve poverty if all your jobs depend on it?’ Barry Knight goes on a poverty safari

16 May 2018

The title of this article is taken from a quotation from Poverty Safari by Darren McGarvey – better known as the rapper Loki. Based on his experience of growing... Read More

Universal Basic Income – not the answer to poverty

11 May 2018

Universal basic income (UBI), or citizens’ basic income, is one of the ideas put forward in Barry Knight’s book Rethinking Poverty: What makes a good society? as a ‘promising area for... Read More

Talking Points: April 2018

08 May 2018

Why is wealth inequality soaring? By 2030 the richest 1 per cent will own two-thirds of global wealth. Dominic Frisby offers 10 reasons why this is happening in the... Read More

How can we bring child poverty to an end? Caroline Hartnell attended the launch of CPAG’s new book

03 May 2018

Why do we value children so little? This question was posed by Ingrid Wolfe, consultant in children’s public health medicine and director of the Evelina London Child Health Partnership,... Read More

Rethinking Poverty: Towards the Webb Legacy – a summary

24 Apr 2018

Barry Knight’s book Rethinking Poverty:What makes a good society? was published last September, eliciting a wide range of responses, published on the Rethinking Poverty blog. Barry’s new paper, summarised... Read More

Talking Points: March 2018

04 Apr 2018

A big shift in the economy needed – but where are the ideas? ‘Reflective Corbynites and thoughtful Conservatives are agreed on one thing—the time is ripe for a big... Read More

Can Rachel Reeves’ ‘everyday economy’ replace the neoliberal consensus?

29 Mar 2018

‘Since 1945 Britain has experienced two models of political economy,’ said Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West, launching her new pamphlet, The Everyday Economy, at The Trampery in London... Read More

Both/and not either/or: we need to rethink poverty AND rethink politics

26 Mar 2018

‘If the crucial issue is how to ensure adequate resources for all, why are we asked to discuss the ‘Good Life’ at all?’ writes John Veit-Wilson. ‘… what they... Read More

There have been important successes in our attempts to end poverty, says Paul Nicolson

23 Mar 2018

The main point of Barry Knight’s book is that ‘our efforts to end poverty over the past 75 years have failed’. I disagree. There have been some significant successes.... Read More

A little less conversation a little more action please! says Sara Bryson

21 Mar 2018

The persistence of poverty, it seems to me, continues because we fail to tackle a central crucial issue: power. We have centuries of writing, analysis and debate in relation... Read More

We need knowledge and leadership for a good society, says Nat O’Connor

19 Mar 2018

Barry Knight, and others, are right to move beyond the word ‘poverty’. It is a loaded term and people carry so many preconceptions into any conversation on poverty that... Read More

This isn’t rethinking poverty, says John Veit-Wilson

14 Mar 2018

In response to Barry Knight’s invitation to give feedback on his recent article ‘Rethinking Poverty: Towards the Webb Legacy’, I’m puzzled why there isn’t more emphasis on asking why... Read More

Rethinking Poverty: Towards the Webb Legacy

07 Mar 2018

Purpose of this paper This paper has two goals. The first is to learn from reactions to the publication of Rethinking Poverty given during a wide range of public... Read More

Talking Points: January/February 2018

07 Mar 2018

New Guardian series on alternative economics ‘It’s time to take on the zombies’ is the title of the first article in Aditya Chakrabortty’s new fortnightly series called ‘The Alternatives’... Read More

Talking about poverty – is being careful about language enough, asks Caroline Hartnell

01 Mar 2018

‘The problem with the word poverty is that it embodies so many negatives,’ said journalist Stephen Armstrong, author of The New Poverty, speaking at Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s (JRF) ‘Talking... Read More

Rethinking Poverty – Chris Goulden draws parallels with new research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

01 Mar 2018

I completely agree with the book’s aspiration for us all to think differently about poverty. That’s also the foundation of new JRF research from the Frameworks Institute that seeks... Read More

Mapping a new way to the society we want – Peter Hetherington on Rethinking Poverty

26 Feb 2018

Peter Hetherington finds compelling arguments in a recent book challenging preconceived ideas about the role and responsibility of government and the assumptions of both the political right and left.... Read More

Poverty eradication is a ‘vaste programme’, says Bassma Kodmani

22 Feb 2018

I started to highlight the sentences that inspired me, as I often do, with the intention of citing Barry Knight’s Rethinking Poverty in my own lectures or writings, but... Read More

Rethinking Poverty: The Webb Legacy

19 Dec 2017

After more than 70 years, the Webb Memorial Trust will close at the end of 2017. This follows a decision in 2010 to spend down the endowment of the... Read More

Event Report: Rethinking Poverty – Greater Manchester Can Lead the Way

19 Dec 2017

Reflections from Tom Skinner, Director of Greater Manchester Poverty Action We had a fantastic time at our Rethinking Poverty event last week, and I want to thank everyone who... Read More

From young marketers to social movements – Lisa Jordan on the forces of agency

18 Dec 2017

From young marketers to social movements – Lisa Jordan on the forces of agency Before getting into the heart of the Rethinking Poverty dialogue I want to first say... Read More

Blending past insights with new ways of thinking – Jennifer Wallace on the role of wellbeing in social progress

12 Dec 2017

Blending past insights with new ways of thinking – Jennifer Wallace on the role of wellbeing in social progress Working for an organisation with a hundred-year history tends to... Read More

Fairness: a basis for uniting people across class, gender, race, and other differences – Albert Ruesga on Rethinking Poverty

11 Dec 2017

A doff of the hat to my colleague Barry Knight for his recent book, Rethinking Poverty: What Makes a Good Society? In the US, we live in a society where few... Read More

Living Wage campaign links community with politics and business, says Jessica Goble

17 Nov 2017

Living Wage campaign links community with politics and business, says Jessica Goble As a programme officer for the Living Wage Foundation, the point that most struck me from Rethinking... Read More

Rethinking Poverty? We shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, says Kate Green MP

15 Nov 2017

How to end poverty in rich countries has been the subject of much hand-wringing over the years. When the Webb Memorial Trust kicked off our programme of work in... Read More

Democracy is Alive: David Bonbright on parallels between Rethinking Poverty and Constituent Voice

24 Oct 2017

Last month I attended a very British event at the London School of Economics. A hundred or so of us gathered in the Shaw Library, named after George Bernard... Read More

Gerry Salole reviews Rethinking Poverty: What makes a good society?

19 Oct 2017

The title of this book, Rethinking Poverty – What makes a good society?, promises a theoretical treatise on the elimination, or reframing, of poverty and destitution in the UK.... Read More

New Statesman article: Reinventing the Welfare State

18 Oct 2017

This article was originally published in the New Statesman magazine and online How to reinvent the welfare state for a new political era: voters want both freedom and security... Read More

Poverty in the Netherlands – Bodille Arensman on the challenges for philanthropists

18 Oct 2017

On 20 September 2017 the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (ECSP) organised a learning event on poverty for philanthropists in the Netherlands with the aim of discussing the challenges... Read More

Citizen’s Basic Income Trust’s review of Rethinking Poverty

05 Oct 2017

This book offers a summary of a Webb Memorial Trust research programme that asks how we might construct a society without poverty rather than the slightly different question as... Read More

Four thoughts about the ‘poverty narrative’ – Keiran Goddard on Rethinking Poverty

04 Oct 2017

Rethinking Poverty argues that the ‘narrative around poverty is broken’ … and, assuming we want our social narratives to render experience with something like fidelity, it’s a claim that... Read More

The solutions lie in communities, the world over – Jon Edwards on Rethinking Poverty

28 Sep 2017

The launch of Barry Knight’s book Rethinking Poverty has certainly acted as a catalyst for thinking and reflection. Although the emphasis in the book is on the crisis in... Read More

Rethinking ideology, a view from the US – Christopher Harris on Rethinking Poverty

28 Sep 2017

  Joseph Stiglitz, the 2001 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, has written for a long time about the failure of neoliberal economics and the resultant human suffering... Read More

A narrative that resonates for single parents – Rosie Ferguson on Rethinking Poverty

26 Sep 2017

One in four families in the UK today is headed by a single parent, making them an everyday part of the fabric of our society.  We’ve become a much... Read More

WATCH: Commentary on the launch of Rethinking Poverty

26 Sep 2017

We invited some attendees at the launch of Rethinking Poverty to share their thoughts on the messages that feature in the book.   Read more... Read More

Forget “Global North” & “Global South” – when it comes to poverty, power and progress, it’s a global conversation

21 Sep 2017

As the first anniversary of the launch of the campaign to #ShiftThePower approaches, there are clear signs that people in the Global South are developing it creatively.  A prime example took... Read More

Importance of housing underestimated – Paul Nicolson reflects on Rethinking Poverty

21 Sep 2017

In Rethinking Poverty Barry Knight and the Webb Memorial Trust turned to participatory research to provide opportunities for ‘…individuals on low incomes to develop and express their own ideas’. They rightly... Read More

Starting a conversation – Andrew Milner on the launch of Rethinking Poverty

21 Sep 2017

The Webb Memorial Trust launched the book Rethinking Poverty: What makes a good society? in the Shaw Library at the London School of Economics (LSE) on 13 September 2017.... Read More

WATCH: John Akinde perform ‘The Youth Will Not Die’ at Rethinking Poverty launch

19 Sep 2017

John Akinde performs ‘The Youth Will Not Die’ at the launch of Rethinking Poverty, a new book by Barry Knight, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust. Find out more... Read More

Imagining a new future – Stephen Pittam on Rethinking Poverty

15 Sep 2017

Gandhi recognised that there are limits to what protest can achieve in trying to change society. He was a strong advocate of the ‘constructive programme’. So, Barry Knight is... Read More

Poverty Needs a New Story

13 Sep 2017

This article was original published on the Huffington Post   Our society is drifting. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fight against poverty. Without an underlying story... Read More

From paternalistic elites to participatory networks – Neal Lawson on Rethinking Poverty

13 Sep 2017

  I try to love everyone and while I fail, I at least think everyone is lovable.  I know that every life is as valuable as any other and... Read More

Discover Society: Let’s talk about security and freedom

31 Aug 2017

This article was written for Discover Society Let’s talk about security and freedom We live by the stories we tell ourselves.  The most important storyline is how to live... Read More

Policy Press Blog: What’s next for poverty?

31 Aug 2017

In a blog for Policy Press, Barry Knight, Webb Memorial Trust Director asks: What’s next for poverty? Progress on poverty has stalled.  The proportion of people living in poverty... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives – concluding thoughts: ‘We resolved crises of housing and poverty before, we can do it again’

17 Feb 2017

In our final exclusive comment piece as part of the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, Richard Rawes, chairman of the Webb Memorial Trust, says we can resolve the... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #14: ‘We need a diverse house building model to solve the housing crisis’

16 Feb 2017

Government must support all kinds of house builders to build the homes we need, says Kate Henderson, the chief executive of the Town and Country Planning Association, in the... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #13: Standards in the private rented sector ‘must improve’

15 Feb 2017

Government must do more to protect the millions of people renting in the private sector, argues Seb Klier, from Generation Rent, in the latest of our exclusive articles compiled... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #12: ‘We must not leave our suburbs behind’

09 Feb 2017

A suburban renaissance will be key to solving our housing crisis, says Paul Hunter from the Smith Institute, in the latest of our exclusive articles compiled as part of... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #11: ‘Time to make council housing a big part of the solution to the housing crisis’

08 Feb 2017

The building of new council homes should be a key part of solving our housing crisis, argues Martin Wheatley, from the campaign for social housing (SHOUT), in the latest... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #10: ‘Local solutions are needed for local problems’

07 Feb 2017

In the latest of our exclusive articles compiled as part of the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, Jennifer Line explores what community-led housing has to offer in response... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #9: ‘We must build communities, not just new homes’

07 Feb 2017

In the latest of our exclusive articles, compiled as part of the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, Ruth Davidson from the National Housing Federation explains creating communities, and... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #8: ‘We must listen to children if we’re really going to tackle poverty’

03 Feb 2017

The experiences of children in poverty should guide our approach to tackling poverty, argues Rys Farthing in the latest of our exclusive articles compiled as part of the 75th... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #7: ‘Unfolding before our eyes is a glaring missed opportunity to overcome the housing affordability crisis’

02 Feb 2017

In the latest of our exclusive articles compiled as part of the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, Alice Martin argues the government needs to get smarter about selling... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #6: We must always remember our social purpose

01 Feb 2017

Terrie Alafat CBE, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing, says the sector must do more to prepare for the challenges which lie ahead in the latest of... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #5: ‘More must be done to tackle fuel poverty’

31 Jan 2017

‘More must be done to tackle fuel poverty’ 31/01/2017 Sarah Daly, director of strategic sustainability and partnerships, Sustainable Homes, says more must be done to end fuel poverty in... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #4: Housing policy proposals are ‘just tinkering with the problem’

30 Jan 2017

Duncan Bowie, senior lecturer in spatial planning at the University of Westminster, argues for a fundamental change in housing policy in the latest in a series of exclusive articles... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #3: ‘Intervention needed’ to reduce welfare bill without causing more poverty

27 Jan 2017

Toby Lloyd from Shelter explores the need for government intervention to reduce the welfare bill and tackle poverty in today’s exclusive article, compiled as part of the 75th anniversary... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #2: Growth of private sector renting and poverty ‘closely linked’

26 Jan 2017

In today’s exclusive article, compiled as part of the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, Peter Kenway from the New Policy Institute examines the relationship between the growth of... Read More

2017 Housing Perspectives #1: ‘Housing must be central to attempts to tackle poverty’

25 Jan 2017

In the first of a number of exclusive articles which shine a light on the link between poverty and housing, Brian Robson, from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, argues housing... Read More

Event Report: What is the future of social housing?

21 Oct 2016

Most commentators now agree that the shortage of housing in the UK is reaching crisis proportions, with rental costs rising sharply and those on low incomes particularly seriously affected.... Read More

Blog: Whose Responsibility is Poverty?

30 Aug 2016

In October 2016 the New Statesman will publish its annual Webb Memorial Trust supplement. This year we explore the theme of agency; who has the understanding, responsibility, and power to bring about... Read More

Blog: Neil McInroy on Forging a Good Local Society

27 Jul 2016

  For too long we have either turned a blind eye to poverty and disadvantage or hoped that a general rising tide of economic wealth would trickle down. The... Read More

Blog: Children’s Voices and Poverty

22 May 2016

Barry Knight, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, contributed a chapter to Effective Philanthropy: Another Take published in April 2016 by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace to coincide with... Read More

Blog: What is the role of business in reducing poverty in the UK?

13 May 2016

by Caroline Hartnell What is the role of business in reducing poverty? This was the question before a meeting hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty (APPG)... Read More

Workshop Report: The Language of Poverty

15 Mar 2016

The word ‘poverty’ features heavily in the lexicon of British politics. The Prime Minister has proposed an “all-out assault on poverty,” Labour MPs and peers recently campaigned hard to... Read More

Abigail Scott Paul, Joseph Rowntree Foundation – Understanding and developing new language around poverty

15 Mar 2016

Abigail Scott Paul, JRF – Understanding and developing a new language around poverty in the UK  Abigail Scott Paul, Head of Engagement at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, delivered the... Read More

Deborah Mattinson, Britain Thinks – Engaging with the public: What do the public think of us and how can we speak in ways that understand each other?

15 Mar 2016

Deborah mattinson, Britain Thinks – How to have an effective conversation with the public Deborah Mattinson, Founding Director of Britain Thinks, picked up the theme of public engagement. The... Read More

Kate Bell – Where next for anti-poverty campaigners?

15 Mar 2016

Kate bell – Where next for anti-poverty campaigners?  Next up Kate Bell drew on her experience as a former policy advisor to the Labour Party and coordinator with CPAG... Read More

Emily Fu, TNS BMRB – The drivers: What drives public attitude towards welfare?

15 Mar 2016

Emily Fu, TNS BMRB – What drives public attitudes to welfare? Emily Fu, Associate Director at social research agency TNS BMRB, examined the emotional drivers of public attitudes towards... Read More

Barry Knight, Webb Memorial Trust – The debate: What are current sentiments towards poverty in the UK?

15 Mar 2016

Drawing on research conducted by YouGov, Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, Barry Knight, reflected on current sentiments towards poverty in the UK. He defined this as an area... Read More

Blog: Whose Land is it Anyway?

18 Feb 2016

Richard Rawes, Chair of the Webb Memorial Trust, reflects on recent events at the Town and Country Planning Association, Institute of Economic Development and New Economics Foundation. The Trust... Read More

Business must spearhead action on decreasing in-work poverty

29 Apr 2015

 A report launched today commissioned by the Webb Memorial Trust discusses how in-work poverty is the product of three variables: levels of pay, levels of in-work benefits, and the... Read More

Round the clock: In-work poverty and the hours question

29 Apr 2015

Low-paid parents can be helped to overcome the greater barriers they face in striking the right balance for their families between work and parenting through better childcare support, more responsive... Read More

Conference Report: A Future Without Poverty

24 Mar 2015

Detailed summary of 'A Future Without Poverty' cross-party conference organised by The Fabian Society and Bright Blue on 2nd March 2015 at the Hallam Conference Centre.

Read More

A Future Without Poverty – Panel Discussion Summary

24 Mar 2015

Panel Discussion: A future without poverty Chair: Oliver Wright, Whitehall correspondent, the Independent Charlie Elphicke MP, PPS to secretary of state for work and pensions Helen Goodman MP, shadow minister for... Read More

Event report: Young Voices

23 Mar 2015

  An arresting start to the proceedings was provided by the Seasons Playhouse in Liverpool, ‘Young Voices’. Part of the Poverty Ends Now (PEN) initiative, the actors spoke brief... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – Question Time: Who has the best plan to tackle poverty?

23 Mar 2015

Question Time: Who has the best plan to tackle poverty? Chair: Ian Birrell, contributing editor, Mail on Sunday Jeremy Browne MP, former Home Office minister Philip Collins, chief leader... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – The Future of Welfare Reform and Universal Credit

23 Mar 2015

Sam Bowman, deputy director, Adam Smith Institute Alison Garnham, chief executive, Chid Poverty Action Group Andrew Harrop, general secretary, Fabian Society Chair: David Kirkby, researcher, Bright Blue   Alison... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – Breaking Barriers: How do we tackle social exclusion?

23 Mar 2015

Seema Malhotra MP, shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls Hannah Pearce, head of public affairs, Age UK Cllr Harry Phibbs, Hammersmith and Fulham council Chair: Daisy-Rose... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – Dragon’s Den: Innovating on the ground: local solutions to 21st century poverty

23 Mar 2015

Dragons: Tessa Awe, chief executive, CVS Brent Chris Goulden, head of policy, Joseph Rowntree Foundation Cllr Gary Porter, leader, LGA Conservatives Innovators: Richard Jones, chief executive, Joshua Project Alex... Read More

A Future Without Poverty – closing remarks

23 Mar 2015

A Future Without Poverty Conference – closing remarks Andrew Harrop, general secretary, Fabian Society Ryan Shorthouse, director, Bright Blue Andrew Harrop celebrated what he saw as the left and... Read More

Event report: Putting poverty at the heart of the 2015 General Election

10 Mar 2015

Many thanks to the Fabian Society and Bright Blue for organising today’s event and to the Fabians for your important Inequality 2030 report.  Thanks are also due to the Webb Memorial... Read More

Paul Goggins Memorial Prize Winner: The Whitefoot and Downham Community Food + Project

08 Sep 2014

In spring 2014 the Webb Memorial Trust launched the Paul Goggins Memorial Prize. Paul Goggins MP was the Secretary of the APPG Poverty and a champion of the anti-poverty agenda in... Read More

January Manifesto – Building on the January Declaration

27 Mar 2014

This paper describes the January Manifesto for 2013.  This sets out proposals to combat poverty and inequality in the North East. This manifesto follows work on the January Declaration,... Read More

Event report: APPG on Poverty – Measuring Child Poverty

27 Mar 2014

This submission from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty is based on a specially commissioned debate, held on 24 January 2013, between Professor Jonathan Bradshaw (York University), Christian Guy... Read More

Blog: The January Declaration – a better deal for the North East two years on

18 Mar 2014

Peter Hetherington examines outcomes from a recent anti-poverty conference in Newcastle co-organised by the Webb Memorial Trust.


Read More

Blog: Growing pay gaps are hurting business – Deborah Hargreaves, High Pay Centre

18 Mar 2014

Deborah Hargreaves, Director of the High Pay Centre, discusses some of the main findings from a recent report commissioned by the Webb Memorial Trust on pay ratios.

Read More